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About Jumperfabriken

Jumperfabriken is a company founded, owned and run by women. Our constant goal is to celebrate and elevate the feminine, strong and feminine. We design those favorite pieces that make women feel stylish, well-dressed and confident, whether they're going to an important meeting or a fun party.

Inspired by the best of the past, we create timeless garments in a feminine cut from carefully selected and conscious materials. We focus on creating favorite garments that maintain both quality and fit over time, season and generation.

At www.jumperfabriken.com, we have built a gathering place where women can be inspired by our beautiful pictures, find information about our garments and how they are produced, and of course you can also buy your favorite garments from our webshop. Through our social channels and our well-filled website, we want to create a place for inspiration and belonging — scrolling around with us should feel a bit like flipping through a creative fashion magazine!

Jumperfabriken is a Swedish clothing company founded by designer Elisabeth Synnes in 2007 in Gothenburg. Our focus is to create high-quality garments in natural materials. Our collections are based on classic knitting patterns, dresses and the key garment - the jumper! We are inspired by the elegance, patterns and colors of the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Jumperfabriken's collections are well tailored and produced in durable materials with a flattering fit. Our idea is that you build your wardrobe piece by piece, where patterns, fit and colors last regardless of season or year. Jumperfabriken's clothes do not have a "best before date" but last both in terms of quality and fashion over the years.

Elisabeth Synnes, founder and designer, has more than 20 years of experience in the Swedish fashion industry. "When I look through photo albums from the 50s, 60s and 70s, I am struck by how tasteful everything was - the nice cardigan and the well-fitting dress." With inspiration from that time, Elisabeth began to create modern versions of the garments. Knitwear, dresses and jumper sets with a feminine fit, timeless and classic. It is Elisabeth's mother Gun who is Jumperfabriken's signature and adorns the labels on all Jumperfabriken's garments.

Gothenburg is more than the city where the company is based. The city behind the garments enhances the clothes' sense of the genuine, hard-working and authentic. That is why it feels so obvious to use Gothenburg as a background for Jumperfabriken's photography and recordings.

Elisabeth Synnes, Jumperfabrikens founder and designer:

"When Jumperfabriken was founded, I was really tired of the fashion industry's toil and throw away mentality that prevailed. More and more clothes were produced in poor quality, frighteningly mostly in polyester and other plastic materials. So in pure protest, I created a slower and more thoughtful fashion brand with garments in natural materials, inspired by the time when clothes were a craft that was knitted and sewn to last and withstand the wear and tear of the eye.”