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Jumperfabriken x Tradera

We call it Jumperfabriken Pre-loved! In order for you to help us extend the lifespan of garments we have produced, we are now entering into a collaboration with swedish Tradera.

We will gather ads for used Jumperfabriken garments seeking new owners on tradera.se. When you, as a private seller, post an ad with clothes from us on Tradera, they will all be in one place.
We at Jumperfabriken will also post our own ads on tradera.se. These may include garments used in photo shoots, product samples, or even some treasures with occasional beauty flaws that we cannot sell through our regular channels. You will clearly see the type of product to expect in each ad.

Thank you for helping us extend the lifespan of already produced garments. You give our clothes the chance to continue living in someone else's wardrobe!