Garment care

Our qualitys vary with the seasons. For our fallcollections we use wool or wool blends for our garments. For spring we use a more light and comfortable cotton or viscose. For us at Jumperfabriken, it is important to use natural and comfortable qualities that are sustainable and easy to care.


Wool is a fantastic material in many ways. The fiber composition gives it a nice ability to insulate and heat the body while it also wicks away moisture, making it an ideal functional material that fits both the ski slopes and the office.

Since wool contains lanolin fat which has the ability to repel dirt, it is rarely necessary to wash a wool garment, often it is enough to air them outside and they become fresh again.

If you need to wash them, be careful not to use too warm water. We recommend mild machine wash or hand washing in cold water. When machine washing, be careful to use wool program/hand wash program, 30° C, fine wash detergent and preferably a laundry bag. When handwashing, don't wring your garment, but press out the water by using e.g. a towel. Reshape and flat dry after washing. The wool we use at Jumperfabriken comes from New Zealand where mulesing is not practiced.


Cotton is a comfortable material which is nice to wear close to your skin. It is perceived as cool as it carries away heat. Contrary to wool, cotton is more of a dirt magnet, but tolerates washing in warmer temperatures. Be careful not to wash in too hot water though as cotton has a tendency to shrink. Follow the washing instructions attached to the garment to avoid shrinkage.


Viscose is a rayon fiber, which is a natural material produced in an artificial way. Often it is the cellulose from trees processed into fibers which are then spun and woven into cloth. At Jumperfabriken we like viscose for its silky characteristics, softness and that it is comfortable against the skin. The material is relatively easy to maintain, it does not need to be washed hot to be clean. However, it has a tendency to shrink after washing, this is easily solved by ironing it.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding care and wash for your Jumperfabriken garments. You will reach us at