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Packeting and packaging

We are constantly working to reduce the use of plastic in our production. Nowadays we send all our web tables in paper bags. It is easy to adjust the size of the bag depending on the contents — the size of the package will be just as large or small as each garment requires and we don't need to send air. In addition, the bag is easy to reuse, either at a possible return or as a nice gift bag!


When the garment is produced, it is sent to our warehouse in Mölndal outside Gothenburg. Production from Europe is shipped by truck and the vast majority of production from China is shipped by boat. The garments are always packed as tightly as possible to avoid unnecessary ones packaging and not be too space-consuming. All our online returns are sent back to the warehouse in Mölndal where the garments are inspected before they are put back on the shelf again. To avoid unnecessary returns, we ask you to carefully think through your order before you click home the clothes you want.