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Anna Lena Mayor Ekeblad
Women of Jumper

Anna Lena Mayor Ekeblad

Hi Anna Lena! We just checked out your colorful Instagram account and looked at all the inspiring pictures. But for those who don't have a full grasp of who you are - tell me!

My name is Anna Lena Mayor Ekeblad and I am an artist, illustrator and writer. But I'm not too fond of titles so I usually say I "write and draw" when someone asks what I'm working with. I think art should be easy, fun and accessible to everyone. That's why I love to post pictures of what I create on social channels - so anyone can scroll, look and hopefully feel "Oooo! I like that. I can imagine having one of those on the wall in my home. "

Many of us have a female role model, someone who inspired and influenced us a little extra. Do you have one like this?

I have had the great fortune to be surrounded by many creative women - both in my working life and in my family. My absolute biggest role models are the women who have given me both my surnames. My grandmother Elsa Mayor was an American woman who was way ahead of her time by both being highly educated and self-employed in design and interior design. The same with my Swedish grandmother Anna Lisa Ekeblad - a whirlwind of warmth, love and creativity..

Both were also incredibly good at cooking, growing their garden and creating beautiful homes that you felt welcome in. My grandmother used to send small inspiring packages from California to us here in Sweden. Filled with exciting things like purple gum that tasted like grapes and those extra fun, colorful clothes that you didn't get from mom and dad. And then grandma, - who bought white little basic tank tops that she then embroidered rosebuds on for me. Yes, you heard right - women to love simply!

To us, you are what we proudly call a "Jumper woman". Is it possible that you have a favorite garment from Jumperfabriken?

I love that all Jumperfabriken's garments are created from such luxurious, durable materials. Now I happen to be the kind of person who has had the same taste throughout my entire life, so I have managed to build a lovely basic wardrobe with the help of Jumperfabriken, among others. Can't get enough of dresses, for example. But the big favorites are Joelle and Veda, who I wear in the pictures. Never get tired of them! Goes with everything and makes me feel stylish and well-dressed, even when I'm wearing jeans and sneakers.

Last but not least. Do you have any tips for our readers? It can be a film, series, book or song that you think feels extra lovely and uplifting for us women??

I love to read books. Am one of those people who actually goes to the library and still borrows physical books. I know a lot of people have switched to audiobooks these days, but I like to browse. This summer I read lots of books but the one that really stuck with me, that I still think about is "Where the Crayfish Sing" by Delia Owens. A fantastic story about a strong, brave and creative woman. I think everyone should read it.

Thank you Anna Lena for taking the time and giving the rest of us some inspiration!

"I have had the great fortune to
be surrounded by many creative women"


"I have had the great fortune to
be surrounded by many creative women"