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Lovisa Pihl
Women of Jumper

Lovisa Pihl

At Jumperfabriken, we have a fine tradition of using women we like and admire as models in our photos.

One of them is Lovisa Pihl - with whom we have had the great pleasure of collaborating with ever since we released our first collection in 2007. Lovisa inspires us with her personality and her passionate commitment to creativity and culture. Get to know her a little better here in our mini-interview.

Hi Lovisa! Can you tell us a little about your exciting work?
I have been the operations manager at Angereds Teater since 2019. I had worked as a producer with the theater for a few years and could see several problems that the business was grappling with, primarily an all too tight budget but also a lack of clear leadership. We worked a lot with the organization and proposed to the board that the leadership could be shared between an operations manager and an artistic director.

That's how it happened and today we have a lot of fun at work and I really enjoy sharing the leadership and making decisions in a team. 

How smart to share the data! Inspiring that two competent women lead the business. That actually brings me to the next question. Do you have any female role models? And if so, how has she inspired and influenced you? One of the first theater performances I worked on was "Whatever Love means" based on Liv Strömquist's comics. I think Liv Strömquist is extremely skilled at describing society and reversing what we see as obvious. Also, she is very funny. 

To us, you are what we proudly call a "Jumper woman". Is it possible that you have a favorite garment from Jumperfabriken? I never tire of my two Flora dresses. They are such nice timeless models that work in summer or with a sweater in spring and autumn. I long for spring when I think about them!

Do you have any tips for our readers on a film, series, book or song that you think is particularly wonderful and uplifting for us women? And to link back to the issue of role models, I like to listen to "A wolf is looking for his podcast" with Liv Strömquist and Caroline Ringskog Ferrada-Noli.

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer the questions!

"I really enjoy sharing the leadership and making decisions in teams."