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Jessica Jämting
Women of Jumper

Jessica Jämting

A jumper woman we admire - Jessica Jämting

At Jumperfabriken, we have a fine tradition of lifting, celebrating and paying attention to women who inspire us. One of them is the creator Jessica Jämting. 

Jessica is currently working on an art exhibition at Gothia Towers in Gothenburg, at the same time she is nominated for "design talent 2022" at the Formex fair in Stockholm — in addition, she is working as a radio presenter this summer.

Hi Jessica! Wow. It feels like a lot is happening in your life right now. Many of us recognize you and your art from the Instagram account @jessicajamting.art but for those who have no idea who you are — tell us!

My name is Jessica Jämting and I am an artist and designer. I love beautiful things, color and shape. And with my work, I want to create just that — works and products that evoke both joy and reflection. I also like to share my work on social media and share things that inspire me. Those of you who don't already do so are welcome to follow me at @jessicajamting.art

Many of us have a female role model, someone who inspired and influenced us a little extra. Do you have one like this?

I have so many. But one who has followed me for a long time and has been important to my creation is Lana Del Rey. I've always loved how she is both cocky and vulnerable in her lyrics. She ruthlessly mixes different styles, such as vocals and strings with rock and hip-hop. On her early albums, I love how she unfilteredly depicts what it's like to live in a patriarchy with destructive relationships and longing for freedom and beauty. The beautiful and magnificent must coexist with the dark and difficult. That's how I want my art to be too!

To us, you are what we proudly call a "Jumper woman". Is it possible that you have a favorite garment from Jumperfabriken?

Yes! A lot! For one thing, I love my green terrycloth set — the color is so nice and it's both sporty and dressed up. I feel so confident, happy and beautiful in it. And then I'm also completely in love with my Swedish Classic dress with the Picnic pattern by Marianne Westman. It is so inspiring to wear another female designer, whose work has meant so much to Sweden and Swedish design. I am so excited to carry on the tradition.

Last but not least. Do you have any tips for our readers? It could be a film, series, book or song that you think feels extra lovely and uplifting for us women? 

The series The little Drummer Girl on HBO with Florence Pugh and Alexander Skarsgård. In part, the series is a feast for the eyes as it takes place in 1970s Europe with musty colors, incredible clothes and environments. Then you love Florence Pugh, she is such a brilliant actress. Maybe the best ever? This series is also the first time that I understand what is the matter with Alexander Skarsgård. He is handsome here, charming and mysterious. You want more. Then it's all a very exciting spy story that deals with part of the Israel and Palestine conflict in a nuanced way. Watch it!

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions Jessica and good luck with all the exciting projects you have ahead of you!