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Linda Schillén
Women of Jumper

Linda Schillén

At Jumperfabriken, we have a fine tradition of lifting, celebrating and paying attention to women who inspire us. One of them is the artist and gardener Linda Schillén. You probably recognize her from Instagram or Nyhetsmorgon on TV4, where she occasionally gives gardening tips. 

Hello Linda! We have just clicked onto your lovely website and looked at all the amazing pictures. But for those who don't have a full grasp of who you are - tell me!

My name is Linda, but my friends usually call me "Mrs. Fantasy" because I always have so many ideas in my head. But then I'm also an artist, and a gardener. The gardener Linda grows the plants that the artist Linda creates with through beautiful compositions, bouquets and as motifs in paintings.

Many of us have a female role model, someone who inspired and influenced us a little extra. Do you have one like this?  

I have many female role models who all have in common that even if you are driven and goal-oriented, the heart is always in the decisions that are made, as well as a humility towards life. My biggest role model is my mother. She's smart, has a hell of a name, is independent, full of ideas and is curious. She is both caring but can also speak out. Then I was also very fond of Lill-Babs who felt so genuinely friendly and down-to-earth! 

To us, you are what we proudly call a "Jumper woman". Is it possible that you have a favorite garment from Jumperfabriken?

The cardigans "Veda"! In addition to being warm, which suits me perfectly in both the greenhouse and the stable, they have beautiful color combinations and patterns with an artisanal feel.

Last but not least. Do you have any tips for our readers? It could be a film, series, book or song that you think feels extra lovely and uplifting for us women?  

It must be "My Africa"! I must have seen that movie at least 20 times! What fascinates me is Karen Blixen's independence!

Thank you Linda for taking the time to give the rest of us some inspiration!