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Helena Lumijärvi Johansson
Women of Jumper

Helena Lumijärvi Johansson

At Jumperfabriken, we have a fine tradition of lifting, celebrating and paying attention to women who inspire us. This time we want to introduce Helena who runs Flora Manufaktur/Klöver Blå - which specializes in women's workwear. 

Hi Helena, what nice work clothes you create! Tell us more about who you are and what you do.

My name is Helena Lumijärvi Johansson and I have been running my own company Flora Manufaktur/Klöver Blå for about eight years now. I design, product develop and sell "work clothes for girls where function, fit and fashion meet with a better environmental choice in focus."

It's easy to see that you're a creative person - is there perhaps something you're a little extra passionate about?

I am passionate about form and color. In addition, I am a curious designer and pattern designer who is always looking for new ideas, cuts and functions. My drive in life is "learning". I am, both consciously and unconsciously, always looking for new things to challenge myself with. A pretty good quality if you like me, has chosen to be an entrepreneur.

So inspiring! Is there something you are particularly proud of in your work?

I am most proud of the fact that I have learned to master the camera and its visual language, which I benefit from in my company as I now shoot my image material myself.

Many of us have a female role model, someone who inspired and influenced us a little extra. Do you have one like this?

There are many female role models to be inspired by and one of them is actually your founder and CEO Elisabeth Synnes. Over the years, she has coached and been there patiently when I have had my thoughts about building a company,  with all that that entails. I know she is a role model for many of us female entrepreneurs.

To us, you are what we proudly call a "Jumper woman". Is it possible that you have a favorite garment from Jumperfabriken?

I am definitely a Jumper woman! I have a number of different wool sweaters with various colors and patterns in my wardrobe. The pattern images of the jumper appeal to me with beautiful color schemes in folklore style. Can it get any nicer? 

I use the wool sweaters all year round as they warm me so nicely and I'm often frozen. In addition, I like to use them when I style with products for my own collection. They seem to marry well, as it is usually said about a good cheese and a matching wine.

Last but not least. Do you have any tips for our readers? It could be a film, series, book or song that you think feels extra lovely and uplifting for us women?

One of my favorite series is The Midwife in the East End. In addition to the fact that they are super talented with the setting of clothes, colors and props, I love the story of all women's fates that end in both sadness and joy - There is a warmth in that series that settles well in the soul.

Thank you Helena for taking the time and giving the rest of us some inspiration!